Who Killed Marilyn?

MarilynMonroe.jpg5:25 August fifth, 1962… Yesterday was the 43rd anniversary of Marilyn Monroe‘s death and like any scandal ridden premature celebrity death people are still asking questions. She was found naked, face down in her Brentwood home and the death certificate says “probable suicide” but that conclution has never clicked with a lot of people. The Kennedy’s, The LAPD, and even Satan have been rummored to have been involved with some kind of death plot and now one former prosecutor is coming forward with extensive psychiatric notes implying that there was no possible way this woman would have killed herself.

” “There was no possible way this woman could have killed herself,” John Miner told the Los Angeles Times for a story published Friday. “She had very specific plans for her future. She knew exactly what she wanted to do.”

Miner, 86, said he would like to see another autopsy performed on Monroe and believes the large dose of barbiturates found in her body may have been administered by someone else.”

I’m just going to go out on a limb here and say that there probably won’t be another autopsy but that this info will spark a whole need breed of theories.

2 thoughts on “Who Killed Marilyn?”

  1. Marilyn Monroe was not a pharmacist or a physician so I doubt she had a real good feel for what was too much in the case of prescribed medicines. She knew she was to take one a day; they made her feel better. She took a handful to feel more “better.”

    She probably killed herself accidently, took a handful of pills to dull her feelings about issue she didn’t like, and that was that. I’ve seen people do the same thing with Advil and “other” drugs.

    But, just speculation.

  2. “I’ve seen people do the same thing with Advil and “other” drugs.”

    I meant the above to mean “take handfuls of pills,” not “seen people kill themselves accidently!” Sorry.

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