Hacking Elevators…

Both Engadget and Boing Boing have posted an elevator hack to bypass other floors so you can get to your destination without interruption.

I tried it on one of the parking elevators in the Sunset Virgin Megastore parking garage last night and it worked great. I also tried it on one of the Otis branded elevators here at the workplace this morning and it also worked. But then again, in the case of the latter, I’m just going from the first floor to the third floor and vice versa, so it’s not exactly the best barometer.

Besides, I hate to sound snooty, but who takes the elevator from the first floor to the second floor anyways? I know I already get enough stares at the back of my head when the office dwellers above me have to stop on the third floor while on the way up or down!

4 thoughts on “Hacking Elevators…”

  1. very few people in my office (2nd and 3rd floor of a 5 story building) take the stairs either. most other people in the building, even those on the 1st floor take the elevator as well. my boss even takes the elevator to go to from the 3rd to 2nd floor and vice versa, which to me just screams laziness.

    but what’s worse: being lazy and avoiding the stairwells, or thinking that going up/down a few flights of stairs a day is actually exercise?

  2. I also tried the hack this morning going up 17 floors. It worked great at the Union Bank building in downtown Los Angeles. I’m gonna see later if it works at the Bonaventure across the street. That hotel has the glass elevators outside!!! hehe!!

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