Road Rage Insults…

Given the nature of my commute, it’s inevitable that I’ll run into more than my share of loonies. Hell, it’s certainly made for a lot of great videoblogging fodder.

But one thing that I’ve found myself being entertained by are the reactions that friends of mine have had to these other drivers.

Hell, I will admit to levelling some rather boring insults towards them (but usually in a talking-to-myself fashion and always with the window up) such as “idiot,” “moron,” “asshole,” “ass clown,” “fucker,” “shithead,” and “shitstain,” but they’ve also degenerated to the more entertaining “turd bucket” and “cum bubble” on occasion.

On the other hand, one friend is fond of saying this particular word: “DIE.” I suppose it’s simple, direct, and to-the-point!


Super Star Eric Garcetti has just posted his 10 favorite recreational activities around town. OK, actually around the 13th District but you get the idea. Working 37 hours a day I don’t get much time for recreation, at least the “actually leaving the house” variety but reading his list makes me want to pencil some of these events in sometime in the next few years. Living in Silver Lake I’ve definitely been party to circling the lake and have put in many hours at the dog park, and even just walking around the hills is a pretty nice way to spend an evening. Anyone else have any good suggestions?


I’m heading north tomorrow to San Jose to attend the first ever women’s blogging conference: Blogher. This started earlier this year with response to harvard’s invite only blog conference and the ensuing article on lack of women’s representation in the blogosphere. I wrote this letter to the author.

Anyway, I’ll be liveblogging the conference at heathervescent and will post especially interesting tidbits here. If any readers are attending, be sure to say hi.

Earth Harp in Malibu this weekend


The MASS Ensemble group is putting performances this weekend at the Wright Organic Resource Center. MASS stands for Music Architecture Sonic Scuplture and they have built the Earth Harp, a large scale architectural stringed instrument. How it works:

On an outside plaza, the strings of the Earth Harp travel from the plaza level and attach to the roofline and architecture of the surrounding buildings. The Earth Harp is played using rosin covered, cotton gloves. The performers run their fingertips along the long strings to generate a longitudinal vibration that literally pushes the music through the molecules of the string.

This looks totally awesome. Not only do I love the idea of the Earth Harp, but the location of the performance is on my absolute favorite road – Piuma Canyon. I’ve been know to have an adventure or two on it.

My friend Heather Joy, tells me that Wright Way is an amazing place views of the ocean all around and home to a cool unfinished Frank Lloyd Wright building. I believe her because I’ve driving right by this spot and gawked at the strangeness of the landscape. I’d go, but I’ll be out of town. You should all go and get tickets immediately!

Hotel Cafe’s Last Hurrah…

DSC_7387.jpgHotel Cafe, located on Cahuenga just south of Hollywood, is a venue I’ve been to several times already.

I have to say that as frustratingly-tiny as that place is for musical performances, I love it for that intimate, coffee house-like cozy feeling that it provides (although if you get there late for a popular act like Rachael Yamagata, you’re screwed).

So it’s going to be very interesting to see what the new Hotel Cafe will look like, as they’re celebrating their last show on Saturday, August 6th at 7:00 PM, before they begin work on the expansion:

DSC_7687.jpgONE LAST HURRAH – before the walls come down for expansion.

w/ performances by:
AM, Jim Bianco, Cary Brothers, Buddy, C. Duck & Nate, Tim Jones, Knifeyhead, Jay Nash, Pedestrian, Joe Purdy, Quincy, Steve Reynolds, Keram Malicki Sanchez, Charley Turner, Brian Wright, & a possible rare reunion show from LA’s most reclusive rock band, Thundertrap!

The Hotel Cafe will be closed from August 7th – August 13th. Stay tuned for the August calendar.

A Magnet For Accidents…

I was a witness to an accident that happened directly in front of me this morning. And I wish I had my Treo in my hands to document it, because I had a feeling that it was going to happen right before it did.

There was one car, a Subaru wagon, directly in front of me, and another car, a Nissan Sentra, to its right. And as we made our right turns onto the two-lane onramp to the freeway, both of those cars stopped because the slow lane was blocked by a fire truck, which had been called to deal with a situation with another vehicle that had pulled over to the right shoulder.

So what happened next?

Both cars proceeded slowly, with each driver thinking they had the right-of-way, and the Sentra wound up plowing into the right side of the Subaru! It actually wasn’t that bad an accident as it sounds, but I couldn’t believe what I had seen, nor that I wasn’t taping it with my Treo!

Help Wanted: Tax Prep / Accounting Assistance

We’re looking for someone to help out with the books at sixspace. “The Books” being all things financial including balancing afore mentioned books, sales tax, and state/federal tax prep. Ideally we’re looking for someone who already does this kind of thing for some other companies, can swing by the gallery once or twice a month to pick up paperwork and maintain it on their own and can provide references. Competence is as important as speed, and we need someone who can work with us and with our deadlines. We’re fairly gun shy about this position having hired people in the past who have not only failed to help, but actually caused more problems that we then had to clean up so we will really be looking for the right fit, not just anyone who can do the job. This person must primarily be a Macintosh user, but familiarity with the art world isn’t that important. It’s the numbers we need help with. Please send resumes and references to sean (AT)

World Electronica at Cal Plaza Saturday

On Saturday night CalPlaza will host another of this summer’s Grand Performances and they’re FREE!

This bill is World Music Electronica with TransGlobal Underground (TGU), Issa Bagayogo, and NIYAZ.

The Particulars:
When: Saturday, July 30th – 6 PM
Where: California Plaza (directions)
What: Free Music
Why: You were looking for something to do Saturday night

Images from Ozomatli performance July 1, 2005 – click for larger but crappier views
The Grand Performances site is pretty thorough, so read over all the info. I recommend brining some dinner or a snack. I also recommend getting there early or sending someone in your party at least an hour early. There is large bench seating area to the left of the stage but don’t count on anything in the center section because it was all reserved when I saw Ozomatli there. Also, it gets a bit chilly at night (or we hope so) so bring a jacket.

When staking out a space, it helps to bring a towel or blanket. You can also bring folding chairs, which is a great idea, but don’t count on the people in front of you staying seated. Most of the visiblity sucks if you’re not right at the edge of the balcony area or in the seating, but the acoustics are pretty good and it’s a great party.

The free concerts are becoming incredibly popular (they said at the time the Ozomatli audience was the largest they’d had yet). We parked in the lot there and it was $5. You can also take the subway or park on the streets (not to hard to do on a Saturday early evening).

Burning Women at Burning Man

Iím going to Burning Man for the first time this year and Iím really excitedÖbut also a little nervous, cuz itís a big undertaking. So when Heathervescent, our newest addition here at, joined us last week and mentioned she had been to Burning Man last year, I immediately wanted to meet her and pick her brain. We made a lunch date yesterday and met at one of my favorite places, Caffe, Etc. Itís always fun to meet someone new. Heather has a great POV on life and gave me lots of good tips for surviving at Burning ManÖfrom chapstick to relationships! Welcome to the fold Heather! And if anyone else out there has any good advice for a virgin burnerÖfeel free to lay it on me…

Dearly Beloved

I just found out that a very good friend of mine (whom I’ve known since I was five years oldd if you can believe that I was ever a five-year-old) has just been engaged to her very excellent boyfriend, and I thought I’d take advantage of my access this very public forum to congratulate them with all that’s left of my shriveled, black heart. This isn’t totally off-topic, as they’re both LA-based, and bloggers to boot. The excellent boyfriend has also just finished principal photography on his first movie on location in Big Bear, and unless you’re dead inside you will go see it as soon as it opens and thank me for telling you about it so early on. DJ Qualls is the next big thing. You heard it here first.

Man-made sunsets

I learned from a Berenstain Bears book some time in elementary school that LA sunsets filled with breathtaking shades of pink, orange and purple were not natural. Instead they were caused by pollution. The book explained it well enough and eventually I learned the real science behind it from something else.

I recently began reading HÈctor Tobar’s novel The Tattooed Soldier. I love the way he describes immigrant life in the city, but he also does a good job at explaining simple things like the sunsets I grew up admiring.

In Antonio’s country, where there were many natural beauties, the sunsets were ordinary and predictable. Here in Los Angeles, nightfall was often a sweeping and multihued event, with a majesty that suggested the coming of the millennium, the end of a planetary journey.

Someone once told Antonio it was the pollution in the air that made the evening sky this way. Like everything else in Los Angeles, even the beautiful sunsets were man-made.

Cutest segment of a strip mall sign ever

Today I took a picture of what has to be my favorite strip mall sign in Los Angeles: kingbear072705a.jpg

kingbear072705.jpgHow cute is that bear?! Here’s a photo of the whole sign, but the rest of the panels are nowhere near as exciting. It’s located on the corner of Gower and Santa Monica, right down the street from the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, so if you’re going to the Carrie screening on Saturday, keep an eye out for a furry little mechanic.

I don’t have a car, but if I did, I’d totally want to have it fixed by a bear wearing sunglasses.