Fireworks at Chavez Ravine

fireworks.JPG I had a Sandlot moment tonight. I was sitting in the top deck of Dodger Stadium with my dad enjoying the post-game fireworks show. As expected for a 4th of July show, the accompanying music was typical patriotic fare such as the John Philip Sousa marches I played in high school.

Towards the end of the show, I heard the opening chords of Ray Charles’ rendition of “America the Beautiful” and thought back to the scene in which the Sandlot kids stop playing night baseball for a few seconds to admire the brilliant explosions in the sky. I kind of wished I was sitting in the outfield grass at that point with thousands of other fans. Still, it was nice not having to crane my neck at all to look at the fireworks.

The show was nice for all of 12 minutes, but according to the announcer it was cut short. I think the fires (one near the Think Blue sign and another somewhere by a 76 sign my dad noticed) may have been the cause.

More fireworks photos here.

stfu, please

I know it’s the eve of the 4th, but – can the people in my neighborhood and/or at Dodger Stadium (I don’t know who it is, it’s just loud!) please stop testing fireworks? It’s almost 1 a.m. Thanks.

Parlour Club Closing?

DSC_0339dx.jpgI’ve been hearing, from multiple sources, a rumor that The Parlour Club (mentioned elsewhere here and here), located on Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood, has been purchased and will be shutting down at the end of July, forcing the existing clubs that fall under its umbrella (Bricktops, et al) to relocate elsewhere.

If this is true, it’s a damn shame. Not only are admission and the drinks cheap at Bricktops super cheap, but the ambience is fantastic. Granted, this club isn’t for everyone, but guess what, it suits me just fine. It was there that I became a hardcore fan of The Ditty Bops (mentioned on here, here, and here). And then there’s the unforgettable sight of Ms. Vaginal Davis, the hostess (with literally) the mostess.

07-02-05_0018.jpgAnd if you go, make sure to check out the marquee over at the nearby Tomkat Theatre. Gay porn titles are the funniest. Oh sure, there are straight titles such as Desperate House Whores or Weapons of Ass Destruction, but it’s difficult to top I Knew Who You Did Last Summer, or the one I saw this past Friday night, Dads In Lads.

UPDATE: According to, “We’ve heard the new owner is Andre Balazs, boyfriend of Uma Thurman and owner of the Chateau Marmont and both Standard hotels.”

First Time at the Getty

getty070305.jpgToday I finally had a chance to check out the Getty Center. Normally I like art museums, but after walking around in the gardens, all the exhibits at the Getty felt dark and gloomy to me. I guess even great art has trouble competing with a beautiful summer day.

I took a few photos, including one of the smoggy view. (That’s the one thing that still totally grosses me out about living in Los Angeles. I wonder if I’ll ever get used to it.)

To Do Tonight at 10:52 p.m. PDT

Watch a NASA craft slam into a Commet!

That’s right, us west coast dwellers will be able to see Deep Impact slam into Tempel 1 with our naked eyes. Or maybe some binoculars. This all goes down right around 10:52 PM tonight so if you aren’t asleep then you should run outside, look up and find Jupiter (the brightest thing in the sky) and keep an eye open for a bit of a *poof* right near it. We’ll be screening a copy of Deep Impact at our place in honor of the event.

Bus Shelter

I was reading the LAFD blog. I like it, and I wish that I lived in a town that had a police blotter published. But I digress.

Yesterday morning there was an apartment building fire in the Civic Center/Bunker Hill area. Though the fire was put out without injuries, no one could go back into the building right away. So the LAFD called for an MTA bus to shelter the 115 occupants until other accomodations could be made.

I’d never thought about it before, but calling up a bus to get people out of the damp morning air and possibly transport them to a Red Cross shelter is a pretty cool idea.

WARspy Los Angeles

By now you should know what WARdriving is – driving around with some equipment (basically a laptop with a wi-fi card) documenting where open & unencryped wi-fi networks are – and it’s so 2004. So what is WARspying and what does it have to do with Los Angeles? From the site:

WARspying is the process of viewing unencrypted wireless video channels, which generally do not belong to you. The usual reaction is one of two things; you’re either really impressed and want to know more, or you’re scared and wish you didn’t know anything about wireless video cameras. Based on either of these comments one would think that there would be some sort of internet culture of WARspyers right? Not so much.

If you do your internet research you’ll find that WARspying exists in the pages of 2600, the archives of TechTV/G4, and in the recently released Systm videos. Where is everyone? Where is the community that groups like WARdriving has? There isn’t one, yet.

WARspy LA is a group created to bring awareness of WARspying to Los Angeles. It’s a pretty big challenge, which is why we are currently focusing on only one region of the US.

They are organizing all kinds of challenges and events to find other WARspyers and start sharing info. Everything they learn, from locations to required equipment – will be posted on the site for everyone to see. The current challenge looks pretty interesting, like a high tech scavenger hunt – they have posted a few details about a camera and a screen shot from it and you have to go find where it is. I this kind of thing legal? Who knows. The people be hind the site are pretty in the dark about it too and have concluded that “The answer seems to be pretty unknown. It’s either completely legal, legal as long as the source is wireless and there is no audio, or everything is 100% illegal.” Looks fun regardless. [via MAKE: Blog]

Things that go GRRRR in the night

When I signed the lease at our place in Silver Lake there was a clause noting that this is a “wildlife area” and it shouldn’t be a surprise to see all kinds of wildlife up close and personal. In the last three years we’ve had everything from Skunks to Coyote come up and pretty much knock on our door which has been interesting to say the least. Since our place is set into a hill, some of windows are at ground level, including the one in our bedroom which when open during the night always provides the fun game of “what kind of animal is sniffing at the window now?” Neighborhood cats, racoons, we’ve had all kinds of things out there checking us out but last night, I swear there was a Tasmanian Devil at our window. I didn’t actually get a look at ’em but the “Grrrr oooowwww rrrrrr” noises it was making could really only have been from one of these Austrailan terrors. It sat outside for about 30 minutes chewing on something and making quite a racket. So yeah, anyone who happened to lose their pet TazDev I think I know where you should start looking.

Not so hot

I just spent the week in Phoenix, and man am I glad to be back in L.A. The reasons are numerous, but the primary one is the temperature. It was over 110 degrees every day I was there! Never have I been so happy to be sitting in my loft in early July “suffering” the oh-so-high temperature of 82.

I coughed the entire time I was there. The people I talked to there told me the air quality was really bad in the summer and that was probably why. I was skeptical. (I grew up there, and it wasn’t that bad back in the ’80s, but their population has grown exponentially since then.) Then I came back to L.A. and within an hour of landing in our fair city, my cough stopped. Seriously.

Who knew the air in L.A. was so good?

(Relatively speaking.)

Luxe Lingerie is closing… and now you can get lighted mannequins and more!

I saw this on Craigslist and thought someone reading/contributing to might jump at the chance to get a lighted mannequin or two…

Date: 2005-07-02, 2:47PM PDT

Luxe Lingerie is closing its H&H location. Huge storewide sale currently in progress and many fabulous fixtures for sale. Everything from display cabinets to halogen track lighting to lighted mannequins, etc. This will be your last chance to score on great fixtures or lingerie or men’s underwear!!

Store is located on the first level next to the Kodak Theater. Please stop by before Tuesday (last day) as most of the fixtures will be sold this weekend.

Visit the store and have a look-see…

Summer Wine

I love wine. I donít know much about itÖ.but I know what I likeÖ.a rich cinnamony cabernet, a perfect glass of hard to find Billecat Salmon Champagne, a light Rose from the south of France. On the whole though, Iím massively uneducated about vino. Plus, I have a weird amnesia, so can rarely remember the name of a bottle I fall in love with. Lucky for me, last night I found a place that can remedy that. Silverlake Wine on Glendale Boulevard is a jewel of a wine shop that specializes in Artisan wines from around the world. Itís owned by three partners: George, Randy and April who all seem to have a deep love for superb and affordable wines. And they are surprisingly down to earth about giving you the low-down on what tastes greatÖand whyÖ no matter what your pocket book can afford. They host wine tastingís Sunday, Monday and Thursdayís to give you an insiderís view of whatís good now. I went last night for the first time and the scene was really fun and friendlyÖlots of flirting going on amidst the tasting. The wine was great, I learned a little bit about the Roseís I love so muchÖand I walked out with enough wine to take me through August without feeling much pain! They even had my beloved Billecart Champagne! Highly recommended for romance and those special nights when a champagne bucket by the bed is called for!

The tastings on Sunday tend to be a little more informative, and they usually have a local chef whip up hors d’oeuvre, so I’m gonna check that one out too. If you get on their email list, they send out pithy updates on whatís going on. If you like wine, youíll like them….and they’ll like you. You can check them out at 2395 Glendale Blvd in Silverlake, 323-662-9024.