I hope it was worth it…

To the person who stole my half-eaten chili dog and hamburger from Tommy’s out of the fridge at work:

I think it’s disgusting that you’d want to eat someone’s partially eaten lunch from yesterday, but if you want it that badly, you can have it. For pete’s sake, no one was around to see me put in the the fridge, so you could’ve been eating food touched by a leper, but luckily for you, it just had my cooties on it.

Let’s *not* do lunch sometime,

3 thoughts on “I hope it was worth it…”

  1. My guess is that they were just grossed out at what happens when you let Tommy’s Chili get below its melting point and tossed it.

  2. I’ve had someone take a bite out of my leftovers (it was half a sandwich) and then put it back in the fridge. Some people have serious problems.

  3. sorry bout that joz…but that was a goddam great chilidog – tommy’s needs a full day of refrigeration to properly coagulate…i owe you one

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