New app for beating traffic

1122471789.gifLike any other big city we’ve got our fair share of traffic and we talk about it alot. Especially ways to beat it. Well, those of us with Treo’s (at last count, that’s about half the authors) just got a new tool to avoid slowdown. Palm just released Traffic and starting at $4.99 a month it’s promising quite the solution. It’s an app that is constantly updated from several sources and promises “more accurate, detailed information than you’ll find from other sources.” Some of the stand out features include:

  • Live traffic data for major U.S. cities: Get details on traffic incidents—accidents, construction, stalled cars and more—along all major and minor roadways. Information is updated wirelessly.
  • Interactive maps:
    Easily pan a map by tapping the on-screen navigation arrows, or use your five-way navigator button. Zoom in for more detail (up to five levels of zoom are supported).
  • Find out how fast traffic is moving:
    Blinking colored traffic indicators show major (red) and minor (orange and yellow) slowdowns. Zoom in to find out the speed of traffic (shown as a circled number).
  • View roads near an incident:
    Unlike radio traffic reports, you can get the details about traffic on nearby roads.

Right now it’s available for New York City, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Washington DC/Baltimore, Houston, Atlanta, Detroit, Seattle, Chicago and if you are a traveling salesman who is driving in all these places every month you can subscribe to them all for $14.99, two cities a month is $7.99 but most people should be fine with the $4.99 one city rate. I’m downloading this now so I’ll let you know how it works.

FIRST IMPRESSION: The app looks really cool but I’m not sure about all the extra details it’s supposed to have. Looks at lot like SigAlert to me. My biggest problem that SigAlert has dead zone, there’s never a shred of info about anything on the 110 between the 101 and the 10 which is where I drive everyday – I was hoping this would fill in those blanks but nope, looks like the same info. It is handy to have it on the treo though.

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  1. Longing for the day when traffic detail will be shown down to the car, like cells in a human blood stream. :) That might require a little processing power…

  2. yahoo maps has very detailed traffic maps as well, just click the option for showing traffic info and the maps will update with traffic info. Only downside is that the dots are a bit difficult to see.

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