Cameras, Guns, Bombs and Freedom

This issue came up in San Francisco and I thought it made sense to continue the discussion here. Christiana is talking about what’s happening in London and how that is causing reactions in NYC. A few things she points out – London is covered with cameras – similar to the ones discussed here only lots more of them. And yet these cameras didn’t stop the attacks. They might help in finding out who did it, but if given the choice between stopping an attack entirely, or having an attack happen but knowing who did it I’d prefer for it not to happen. London is proof positive that this kind of surveillance won’t prevent attacks. In NYC they have trashed the 4th Amendment and are randomly searching people. This on the heals of a GAO Report that basically says not only is the TSA breaking the law, lying to the public and congress, but it’s also making people less safe. Get that? They are going more spying on people, and it’s making us more vulnerable. So Christiana asks: “What would make you feel safer and what would make you feel violated?” Being that we’re in a big city and there’s certainly people talking about what should be done here, maybe we should answer that question as well?