4 thoughts on “Stopping At Crosswalks (Videoblogged!)…”

  1. I love these video blogs. They’re amazing. I love the people in LA. I wish I had a Treo so I could make some of these myself. I should start taking pictures of people’s poor parking. The West Valley is filled with people who seem to have no parking experience.

  2. “What the f… hell is up with that?”

    Nice save! And yeah, that’s just WTF. I hope someone shows that guy this video. :D

  3. I love this post not only because I just got a 650 so I’m excited to see the video usage….but I HATE when people do that. Especially when you’re stuck behind them and they’ve stopped just before reaching the signal sensor…..so you wait….wait….wait…..it sucks. Good lookin’ out!

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