“It’s really tough for me to want to side with the protestors”

I’ve written about beFrank before and what a great blog he writes. Today’s post about the recent protests is a real stand out. beFrank is a news cameraman and sees a side of LA most of us never get a look at, which gives him a very insightful perspective on things.

“Under that sheet is an elderly woman who was simply waiting to catch a bus and caught a bullet in her head. Two young adults, each somewhere about twenty to thirty years old had an argument. One pulled out a gun and one ran. I don’t know how many shots were fired. I don’t know what happened to the shooter. Right now, I just know the outcome. One elderly woman was struck by a bullet and she was killed. She was waiting for a bus and now she’s dead.

Where’s the community outrage? Where’s the protest? Come on, let’s march on City Hall.”

The post gets even better, if you have a minute you really should go read it. I’ll give you one more tidbit:

“Maybe it’s time to quit reserving all our good protest anger for the police and start directing it at the people in our communities who would pull out a gun to settle an argument. Maybe we need to be more vocal in our condemnation of the person who would shoot a gun on a busy street.”

One thought on ““It’s really tough for me to want to side with the protestors””

  1. It IS pretty horrific when we are so deadened by violence that this is just another ‘oh well’ incident.

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