Credit Where Credit is Due


This morning Laurie over at has snip about bike polo. She says:

“It’s been said that celebrities are the royal family of America. You might say Red Bull is our tea. It only makes sense then, that bicycle polo would become our version of the aristocratic British sport. Invented here in California, of course.”

Which is all well and good unless you look at the very first link on the Bike Polo website which is the about page, where the very first thing is says is:

“The game of Bike Polo, if you haven’t already figured out, is a variation of the equestrian game with a bicycle being substituted for the polo pony. Although not as glamorous as the equine variety, Bike Polo offers as much challenge and fun without the prohibitive price tag. The game’s birthplace is believed to be India where, about a hundred years ago, British troops used bicycles to hone their equestrian polo skills.”

So yeah, not really invented in California, or even by Americans. I’n not trying to rip on Laurie for not bothering to read one page into the site she was linking to so much as I really don’t want California to get blamed for something like this.

Bonus local snark: the comments here are too funny.

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