This too did pass

The art installation known as The Silverlake TVs, created by Tomas Hinds, disappeared over the weekend. In place for at least six months and supplemented several times back in March, they were old television sets placed on pilings that once supported the Red Line Cable Street Car trestles (see this excellent 1937 photo of the Fletcher Ave Pumping Station for reference). The screens of the TVs were painted with messages, some flippant and others provacative. As a whole, it was a great addition to an otherwise sterile corner filled with gas stations.

Photo by via flickr. The Silverlake flickr group has a pretty good set of photos documenting the project as it was, also see’ full set. Today it looks like this. Other discussions here:, Wooster Collective and Flickr Silverlake Group.

If anyone knows what happened to the installation, who took it down or how that decision was made, please post.

2 thoughts on “This too did pass”

  1. GOOD! I was ready to hire some day workers and a U-Haul and pull it down myself.

    That thing was an eyesore, and a more ugly piece of ernest neo-hippie faux-art could not be found. Ooh, old TVs with hackneyed anti-consumerist/anti-war slogans painted on ’em! How Outre!! Good riddance.

  2. The Red Cars were streetcars, not cable cars. L.A. actually did have cable cars, but they disappeared by 1910. Sorry to be anal retentive about it, but that’s my disease. By the way, when are they reinstalling that? Oh yeah, never. How about a subway to Glendale instead???

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