This Week’s Mystery Photo Contest Winner

So, [big stretch and bigger yawn] there was yet again some dissension in the contestant ranks about me allowing poaching of others answers ó and let me tell you there is no surefire way to ramp-up the flames lapping at the cockles of my contest-administering heart quicker than to fucking disagree with how I run this forgettable little fraction of my existence. Canwegetoveritnow? How ’bout now? And now? Gooooood.

But enough about me. The spotlight this week shines entirely upon the nondissenting Shane as this week’s randomly selected winner. Shane correctly identified this week’s shot as being the building at Fountain and Hoover that houses The Kitchen restaurant. And for that, Shane scores ó courtesy of Christy Wise at Fanscape, Inc. ó a pair of tickets to KCRW’s world music groovefest Planet Electronica taking place Sunday July 17 at the Hollywood Bowl, featuring the sounds of Basement Jaxx, Royskopp, and Bossacucanova. Oh and Heathervescent wins honorable mention just because I like to say Heathervescent and also for being totally kickass, even though her answer (the Wiltern)… mmmm, not so much.

Notes: I’m gonna be way out of town this next three weeks in a section of the thirdish world whose internets connectivitation will be spotty at best if at all, so as much as you guys and gals are going to be disappointed or elated, unless another of my brethren cares to pick up the Mystery Photo Contest baton, it ó and me ó will be on hiatus from this place until I get back. Do your best to contain your grief or enthusiam.