8 thoughts on “Stupid Question For Friday…”

  1. some people put them there for Art. some people put them there so that their kids, who travel in the back, can get them when they get bored. some kids put them there to bug their parents.

  2. In an accident (according to drivers ed knowledge, which could be, totally BS), objects in the rear window may “fail to decelerate” and hit passengers in the back of the head. Perhaps people who store their stuffed friends in the back window are preparing for the day when they are involved in an accident, and their plush toys will function as an adorable “rear airbag” of sorts that cuddles them in the event of a crash.

  3. I love the “rear airbag” theory! I myself put them in the back of my car, facing out, so they can greet the driver in the car behind me.

  4. I put them there because sometimes I forget what my car looks like and seeing Pooh, Tigger and Care Bears in the rear windshield is my one hope for finding my car… especially at Dodger Stadium.

  5. I agree with you, Marshall. If the car stops, there’s nothing to stop the unsecured stuff from continuing at the same speed as the car was going. I don’t know if Tigger’s soft enough to prevent hurting me when he hits me at 35mph, but I don’t want to find out. Getting a friend to throw him at me from a moving car doesn’t sound smart (not to mention very nice), but it’ll have the same effect!

    Whenever I see stuff on the rear shelf, I know that the driver’s not very skillful (sorry Cindym, nothing personal!) A decent left turn or freeway transition ramp is normally enough for the fuzzy guys to all congregate together on one side of the rear window. Makes lane choice easier…

    Maybe a little Velcro?

  6. ha! my friend told me people put them there so that the sun doesn’t bleach out the area between the back window and the back seat. i grew up in the midwest where we had an even more strange phenomena…the guy who puts his baseball cap collection in the back window…now what’s that all about?

  7. how about just trying window tint. It saves the inside from the bad effects of the sun and does not annoy the rest of us and hell…if you’re in a crash the windows will be tinted so no one will see that nothing cushioned the back of your head ha ha

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