Is That A Rash?

Earlier today, Luke Ford reported (NSFW) on an outbreak within the adult industry:

Defiance Films had a hard time finding talent for their shoot today because about half of the porn women in LA and a lot of the men are out because of such STDs as Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. It usually takes four-to-six days to return the performers to playing shape.

He later has an update:

Ron writes: “Rumor has it the recent Chlamydia epidemic is once again originating from a certain bisexual make-up artist, well-known in the XXX industry to be offering all her bodily orifices to cast, crew and directors alike without discrimination on a near-daily basis. Isn’t it ironic that the people who work behind the scenes are sometimes more promiscuous than the talent?

(Yikes, the timing of this post could’ve been a little better. Sorry about that, Cindy!)

One thought on “Is That A Rash?”

  1. Koga,

    it’s true, oh so true. if she had as many sticking out of her as she has had stuck in her, she would indeed look like a porcupine.


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