Free Parking in Westwood

westwoodparking.jpg After I saw the photo Sean posted with his councilman, Eric Garcetti, I started to get a little curious about my own city council representative. I live in Palms, which means that Jack Weiss is my councilman.

I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t know too much about what he’s doing, especially considering my interest in government and policy issues (but that’s more on a state level and related to education). I perused his site and found some great old photos of District 5.

The photo to the right was not dated, but I assume it’s about the same time as some of the other Westwood photos (late ’30s and early ’40s). I’ve been in Westwood daily for the last 7 years or so and have never seen a “free parking” sign. In fact, starting July 1, daily parking at UCLA will be $8. Damn. When I started in ’98 parking was $5. I’m sure most college students are more concerned with the rapid increase in tuition and housing costs than parking.

I’d take advantage of the Big Blue Bus but I’m much too spoiled by having my own car to seriously consider relying on public transportation like some people.

One thought on “Free Parking in Westwood”

  1. Free parking does exist in Westwood, at the city lot on Broxton: 2 hours free before 6 pm. No validation required, unlike the lots at Ralph’s/Best Buy/Expo.

    I take the BBB to Westwood, and it’s so much more convenient than driving. Plus I get a lot of reading done.

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