Calling All Rainmakers

teez.jpgToday’s the last day of the 2004-05 rain season, and according to the front page story in today’s Times, barring any unexpected deluge before midnight, L.A. is set to come up 0.93 inches short of breaking the 38.18-inch precipitation record that’s stood since the 1883-84 season.

People are apparently bummed by this. Eric Malnic’s article even quotes a Jet Propulsion Lab meteorologist as saying “Second place is for losers, and nobody wants to be a loser.”

I’m thinking that weatherman’s actually pissed because the killing he thought he was going to make with all those “I Predicted the Wettest L.A. Rainy Seaons Ever And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt” shirts he was set to sell on Cafepress just went down the drain.

Oh well, tomorrow another season begins.

One thought on “Calling All Rainmakers”

  1. this is the first year my basement has leaked/flooded. there was a stew in my crawlspace too. who knew living on a hill, i could flood? F the wettest season ever. F it with a capital FFFFFFFFF!

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