4 thoughts on “Wil Wheaton: Jack of All Trades”

  1. Actually, it’s my fault on two things here: I could have included b.la in my introduction, but I’ve got so much other stuff going on in my life right now, I forgot.

    Also, they finally ran it because it took me seven months to get my answers sent in.

    (My bad)X2

  2. Hi Wil.
    Could you kindly tell me where can i get hold of a copy of either of your books in melbourne australia. I have been searching for them for a while and no one is able to help me

  3. Hi Sally,

    My publisher did everything they could to ensure my book failed to find an audience past my blog and Trekkeis, so it’s not surprising that you can’t find it in Melbourne.

    Your best bet is to order it form Amazon, or pick up the audio version, which is available here.

    Hope this helps. Thanks for your interest! :)

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