Waaaaaay back in January I was talking about plans for public wi-fi in West Hollywood and how cool that was but I haven’t heard much about it since and other parts of the city have beaten them to the punch. Well the LA Independent is reporting that a $45,000 contract for the gig has finally been awarded a Chatsworth company called PCC Network Solutions (shortened from Pacific Cost Cabling because “cable” is so 90’s) and should be completed sometime this fall.

“This is a win-win idea and continues the West Hollywood vision of having technology bring us together,” said West Hollywood Mayor Abbe Land. “We encourage feedback so we can quickly assess the pilot project and adapt it for the whole City.”

For you wireless nerds you should be happy to know they are using MetroMesh routers from Tropos Networks and the whole system should be pretty seamless and scaleable should other parts of the city feel the need to share the wi-fi love. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

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