Stay Away From Starbucks Today

There’s been plenty of reason presented here to stay the hell away from Starbucks but la.foodblogging has a much more convincing reason, for today at least – the place is going to be packed! Turns out they are giving away some kind of free ice cream to anyone who comes in their stores today which translates into crowds of freeloaders. What a fun time! But wait, it gets worse. You might not be getting that free cone you’ve grown accustom to, losanjealous has the, um, scoop:

starbuxStarbucks will be dishing out free ice cream Wednesday. Their promo photo makes it look like you’re going to get seven heaping scoops in a giant bowl, but the fine print says you get 4 oz. or less.

While you’re waiting in line be sure to convince yourself that you actually do like the taste of Starbucks coffee and that you haven’t succumbed to pressure from brand bullies.”

Look, skip Starbucks and swing by Silver Lake Coffee Co for some Banana Espresso Smooties – it will be a much more delicious experience. I promise.

3 thoughts on “Stay Away From Starbucks Today”

  1. If Starbucks is giving away free ice cream and promoting it, how does that make people who go get ice cream “freeloaders”? Are we supposed to pay for it? Ok we could at least leave a tip and buy a cup of coffee. I understand if people go and pop samples for free a la Costco and not buy anything, but if companies are doing a promotion for marketing in order to generate sales, staying away from Starbucks and promoting people to stay away from Starbucks is not a good idea. Don’t you think?

  2. Well I’m not the starbucks advertising department so telling people to stay away from starbucks is not a bad idea for me at all. And the difference is that if you wanted a cup of coffee yesterday you had to wait in a short line with other people buying coffee, if you want one today you have to wait in a HUGE line with people who are just there to get something free. Lots of freeloaders makes the experience more annoying and thus my recommendation to stay away.

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