People sure do love the Drama

I’m a nerd. I know this. I say dumb things and make my self laugh about them all the time. When my dogs take a crap in their litterbox (yes, my dogs crap in a litterbox) I’ve been known on occasion to say “AH! There’s a shitsnake in the litterbox!!” It makes Caryn smile which is enough of a reason for me to say it again some other time.

Some people might know Mark Hunter. You might know him as the cobrasnake. He takes photos and puts them online at the polaroid scene You can see where this is heading I hope. I’ve known Mark for a few years now and the other day I was looking at his site and made the joke. A few minutes later was online. I made a post about it on my own blog and kind assumed that was that. I figured Mark would see it and laugh, and maybe the 4 other people who read my site might do the same.

Boy was I wrong.

Yesterday LA Voice asked if I was ” trending towards potty humor, ad hominem attacks, lurid site criticism or self-sabotaging smear campaigns” and today says they are glad I “found someone else to dump on.” Wow, people sure do love the drama don’t they?

Sorry to disappoint – it’s just a joke.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

6 thoughts on “People sure do love the Drama”

  1. FWIW, I updated my post to reflect the haha.

    I’m never sure which is more dangerous to be wrong about – assuming someone is joking, or assuming someone isn’t.

    What gave me the willies was thinking you might have spent 30 days documenting your own crap just to criticize a guy’s work …

  2. Heh, sorry I didn’t note that Mack. Yes you did.

    And as for my own FWIW, please put the self documentation thoughts out of your head, all those images were swiped from the ever usefull in a matter of seconds.

  3. That’s all well and good, but more importantly…

    How do you get your dog to crap in a box?

  4. everyone knows that laurie pike is just a bitter old hag who just wants to stir up some shit (pun intended). it got her old lady knickers in a wad that no one really loved her lameass blog so she took a shot at your more successful, interesting one.

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