Appeals Court: Angels Can Keep Being Really, Really Lame

The 4th District Court has ruled that the Orange Angels of Disneyheim can keep living under an assumed name for the time being. The trial for the City of Anaheim’s lawsuit will be in November, which will be when the point is decided for reals.

The team, previously known as the Anaheim Angels, said the new name would attract more fans, advertisers and broadcast contracts by emphasizing its connection to Los Angeles, the nation’s second-largest media market.

As I previously wrote, I still think if the Angels really wanted to cash in on someone else’s celebrity they should go with Orange County Choppers, which jumped the shark ages ago (think AOL commercials) and could probably use the help.

Now, I can already hear Angels fans crowing about the recent sweep of the Dodgers during interleague play. To them, I would point out two things. First, Angel manager Mike Scioscia said after the games, “Even though we swept the Dodgers, any of these games could have gone the other way.” Considering the Angels were basically playing an AAA squad doesn’t say much for you. And second, the Dodgers will eventually improve. The name “Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim” — never.

8 thoughts on “Appeals Court: Angels Can Keep Being Really, Really Lame”

  1. Look man, Orange County Choppers has not jumped the shark! It may have sold out (which it did when it agreed to the filming) and it may be getting a little tiresome (unless you’re really into bikes, like my son, in which case it’s magic every episode), but it has done nothing comparable to jumping a shark.

    (who pays attention to the critical moments of posts)

    NP: There Is No Greater Love by Dinah Washington

  2. I still get confused when I look at the schedule and see the Dodgers are playing LAA. It takes me a minute to recognize that as the Angels who I got used as ANA.

  3. Stu: point taken. I like the guys, but still, AOL commercials! So — selling out, not jumping shark.

    Cindy: Gah! I hate that, too. Or even worse, when the ESPN guys refer to the Angels as “Los Angeles,” as in “Los Angeles beat the division-rival Rangers last night.”

    It wouldn’t be *so* bad if they had just changed it to Los Angeles Angels. At least there used to be a Los Angeles Angels. But the cheesy “of Anaheim” is just too stupid.

    I don’t often find myself on the same platform as the City of Anaheim, much less the Angels fans who hate the name too, but I hope their suit is either successful or at least gets settled so the name gets fixed.

  4. Yes, the name Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim is the most ridiculous (and redundant) name in all of professional sports, but, as an Angels fan, the Dodgers may improve… but they too wil still suck.

    And another thing, if one wants to take a trip to Little Tijuana (aka Dodger Stadium), be my guest. Give me English-speaking, baseball-loving Anaheim Stadium any day.


  5. And that’s why I’ve taken to calling them the Brooklyn Dodgers of Los Angeles in response.

    In case you missed it, Holden, that would be “[Dutch name] [English name] of [Spanish name]”. So put that in your pipe and f˙melo.

  6. What are you talking about, “in New Jersey”? I know that they have offices located in Secaucus, New Jersey, but isn’t the show filmed in SoCal? Is it filmed somewhere else, like New York State?

  7. They couldn’t have changed it to just “Los Angeles Angels”. The contract says “Anaheim” must be in the team name. Art apparently thinks he found a little loophole by putting two cities in the name.

    According to their website, Orange County Choppers is located in the State of New York.
    Orange County Choppers
    10 Factory St
    Montgomery NY 12549

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