Summer is all about great concerts

pliego.jpg My summer officially began last week after a harrowing finals week, but I never feel like summer has really begun without a good concert.

I’ve enjoyed the free concerts at California Plaza downtown with Grand Performances. Free is nice, but it only takes me so far and most of the time I’ve got to shell out some hard earned cash for other great shows.

Tonight, I’m off to the Hollywood Bowl for David Byrne, the Arcade Fire, Si*SÈ, and the Extra Action Marching Band.

On Friday I’ll see LA favorites Ozomatli at California Plaza. I love their music, but live is much, much better.

Next Sunday I’ll enjoy some of the best from MÈxico. CafÈ Tacuba, Kinky and Ely Guerra will be at the Anaheim House of Blues. I’m most excited about this show because seeing CafÈ Tacuba (my favorite band) live a few times a year is what helps me maintain my sanity.

Summer has really begun and my pockets will be empty soon. I’ll be back with reviews and more on rock en espaÒol in LA.

Photo of bassist Pliego from the Kinky’s website.

5 thoughts on “Summer is all about great concerts”

  1. How fucking excellent was David Byrne’s cover of Crazy/Love?

    That’s now two bands that I’ve seen cover that song. David Byrne and Snow Patrol :P

  2. Thanks to your blog I just saw that Ozo & Los Lonely Boys will be at the greek July 30! hmmm….guess I’l be spending more money this summer than I originally planned.

  3. Alex, I definitely enjoyed the show, but damn I think I need to bring a small blanket. A sweater just doesn’t cut it.

    Gregg, very excellent. I actually got up and danced. (It helped to keep warm).

    Dave, really? I didn’t even know that. LLB is one of the bands I like that I still haven’t seen livem and I won’t get to see them this summer either. July 30 is a bad date.

  4. hello cindy,
    i’m soo excited about cafe tacvba as well.. they are also at gibson on the 3rd.

    did you see the photos of the 170k+ people that showed up the zocalo in mexico city to see them?

    i’m a good friend of 5000! and he knows how much i love cafe tacvba

    kinky is great 2 but i wasn’t too impressed with their 2nd album

    i saw ely at la banda elastica awards last year and she’s awesome like a bjork-ish pixie rock out girl

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