Venice Beach Blog Bash

Good thing Doc Searls is around to catch some things like this:

“Hey L. A. Bloggers, Halley is inviting us to a Venice Beach Blog Bash on Sunday, July 3.”

She says…

Next week — Sunday, July 3 — be there or be square. Tony and I will be there. Okay, Xeni, what about you girlfriend? I’m sick of just meeting you for 2 minutes of hugs and kisses in some conference lobby.

And Wil? Ole, whattabout you? You gotta be there.

And Hugh
? You can represent the … what are they called … those folks that swarm in O.C. … oh, the Republicanos!

And Doc, can you drop by? It’ll be just as much fun as Paris, I swear, but probably not as good croissants.

And Mary, you must be there and we’ll vlog the shit out of the day, n’est-ce-pas.”

What Time????

2 thoughts on “Venice Beach Blog Bash”

  1. I’m thinking Sunday July 3, NOONISH to 3:00, but I need to get to LA before I can tell you exactly. Watch my blog for details (Halley’s Comment).

    Drop me a line if you’d like to hang with us. What’s the fireworks deal there that evening Sunday — or are they on the 4th (Monday) instead?

  2. Damn, man. A little prior notice, and I woulda made it. I’ll be tied up with my lovely wife’s big X-0 birthday celebs.

    Have fun, virtual toast to all.

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