Problematic PiÒatas

funkybird.jpg When I first read about Disney cracking down on piÒata vendors (via Boing Boing) for selling unlicensed piÒatas of various characters I was rather annoyed. Targeting mom and pop shops just seemed harsh. Let the Mexican kids take an old broom stick and beat up the Ariel if they want.

My attitude changed and I realized the crackdown might be a good thing. See, I’ve been beating the crap — or at least attempting to — out of piÒatas since I could walk. Every single one of my birthday parties up until my quinceaÒera featured a colorful piÒata stuffed with Mexican candy. I had lots of opportunities to celebrate some cousin or friends birthday by scrambling around the floor to grab Tomy candies and boxes of Nerds.

M·s on problematic piÒatas after the jump…

elmo.JPG In almost every single one of those parties, us kids were beating up characters we really liked. It was never strange to me. I wanted candy, and I had aggression against my 3 bratty siblings I needed to get out of my system. As long as I made sure not to go after the fallen candy while the blindfolded kid was still swinging, my piÒata experiences were always fun.

However, as an adult, I find the whole thing a bit disturbing. At my nephew’s birthday party in April, I concluded that Mexicans were strange. Are kids so desensitized to violence nowadays that clobbering a furry red monster is okay? I figure it’s a good thing that my nephew didn’t notice the older kids scavenging like vultures for candy in Elmo’s carcass and using the limbs for questionable acts.

In the interest of keeping little Mexican kids from growing up traumatized because of the violence against Elmo, Nemo and Pooh, I support Disney going after those mom and pop shops and their illegal Disney piÒatas. Kids should only beat the candy out of stars, burros and funky birds.

4 thoughts on “Problematic PiÒatas”

  1. I, like many others, beat piÒatas when I was a kid and did not end up traumatized. I doubt future generation of piÒata beaters will end up with horrible birthday memories at the hands of a few broken cartoon characters.

    We’re you traumatized? Have you seen any kids traumatized? Thank you. Now relax and have fun.

  2. Jerry, this is all tongue in cheek. I didn’t cry when my cousin beat up Strawberry Shortcake and wasn’t traumatized nor do I know anyone who has been. Still, you gotta admit it’s kinda weird to tear apart a piÒata in the image of something you like. Give the kids what they want, but there’s something to be said for more traditional designs. And I can’t relax too much at piÒata time since I gotta watch for kids running in a little too quickly to grab candy.

  3. Cindy;

    Really enjoy your posts…As an Anglo adult, I’ve come to mourn the fact that WE never had pinatas at our parties. But reading your post today, I am resolved to correct that for my 61st! Thanks for the nudge. Jo-Ann

  4. Girl…have you ever seen a jumper collapse on your family’s entire under 7 population? Mexicans ARE weird, hermana.

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