More on the 310 break up

The 310 Crisis is far from over but now there’s two routes that might be taken: Split & Overlay. As you might guess a split means someone draws a line and the people on one side get to keep their 3101 area codes and the people on the other side get a new one where as an overlay would mean that there would be two area codes for the same region. The major benefit of the overlay is that current 310ers get to keep their precious digits and johnny-come-lately gets stuck with the new one. Some know it all over at KTLA put together this question / answer thingy which will tell you a lot more if you are so inclined to be wondering about such things.

2 thoughts on “More on the 310 break up”

  1. I find the 310 area code crisis an incrediably silly, ego centric concern. As a kid growing up in the snobby 310 area code, I can tell you it was originally a 213 area code and before that people only concerned themselves with the 3 digit prefix… Crestview (271-279). Who are these stupid people. Get a life… no one cares.

  2. The 310 “crisis” is manufactured by certain non-Westside residents, in collusion with a sympathetic media, to paint the Westside as home of silly, ego-centric people.

    I have made it my personal mission to expose this vast conspiracy of envy.

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