Local meme store

Driving to the supermarket at 11 PM is a completely nonsensical thing to do in Central Europe (see: labour laws).
But I’m visiting LA. So I checked the time, seized the chance and strolled around the local Ralph’s outlet.

And what did I spot? Ye olde symbolism!

It’s always astounding how iconographic memes travel around the known world and settle down somewhere.

Here’s an example:
“Arm and Hammer, the Standard of Purity”. Marxist labour iconography goes bleach PR.


4 thoughts on “Local meme store”

  1. According to the Arm & Hammer website, the now-familiar logo featuring the “hammer-weilding arm of Vulcan, god of fire” first appeared on company packaging in 1867, the same year Karl Marx released the first volume of “Das Capital.” Coincidence? I think not!

  2. Check the Wikipedia entry on Armand:


    “Instead, after graduating from medical school, Hammer extended earlier entrepreneurial ventures with a successful business importing from and exporting pharmaceuticals to the newly-formed Soviet Union. He moved to the USSR in the 1920s to oversee these operations, especially his large business manufacturing and exporting inexpensive pencils. After returning to the US, he invested in Occidental Petroleum, and continued personal and business dealings with the Soviet Union, despite Cold War taboos against such dealings by Americans. In later years he lobbied for peace between America and the Communist countries of the world.”

  3. Further down in the Wikipedia article:

    “Despite popular myth, the relation between Hammer’s name and the household product Arm and Hammer baking soda is coincidental. The pun was not lost on Hammer, though: during the 1980s, he attempted to buy Church and Dwight, makers of the Arm and Hammer line of products; he succeeded in buying a sizeable minority interest and eventually sat on its board of directors.”

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