La Brea Tar Pit might actually be interesting this weekend

The first time I ever came to LA I just had to go see the La Brea Tar Pit in person, afterwards I wished I hadn’t because it was way cooler in my imagination than it actually is in person. I mean really, that’s it? Totally boring. But this weekend that might all change as the Page museum starts digging up some old-ass bones and invites you to stand around and stare at them while they do it. Check this:

Starting Saturday, people visiting the La Brea Tar Pits will be able to watch paleontologists unearth 40,000-year-old fossils at the world’s only active, urban, ice age excavation site.

The tar pitt’s Page Museum is reopening Pit 91, as it does each summer. The site, which is excavated for about two months each summer, is 14 feet below ground level.

Last summer, more than 1,300 fossils were recovered, including those from a saber-tooth cat, dire wolf, bison, sloth, horse, rodents, turtles and some fossilized plant remains, according to the Page Museum. No remains of cavemen have ever been found in the tar pits, officials said.

Mmmmm, tar covered bones….