The camera never lies

Front-of-Honda-that-hit-me2.jpgSo back in May, my friend gets rear-ended on the freeway. Hard. As in, immobilized-and-blocking-traffic hard. No one was hurt, but the offending motorist was uninsured. Still, being an organized type my friend exchanged numbers and took a few snaps for his insurance (he has uninsured motorists, which covered it) with the disposable camera all of us smart Angelenos keep in our cars. This photo of the Honda that hit him doesn’t show much damage but apparently, my friend’s car took the brunt of the collision and was pretty cracked up.

Anyway, this guy apparently gave false information to my friend, but insurance company tracked him down via the license plate and then a couple who’d recently sold him the car. This, according to my friend, is the statement the guy made (my friend’s comments in parentheses):

1. I didn’t have my lights on and was stopped on the freeway. (hmm)

2. There were no other cars on the road. (Memorial Day weekend)

3. I took off right after the accident. (I had pictures of their

As my friend said, the guy is still completely at fault, but at least his story is entertaining.

One thought on “The camera never lies”

  1. My insurance company finally got around to saying I was not at fault. The other woman ran the red light and said I ran a red light. I thought it was my word against her, but apparently insurance companies are pretty good about figuring this stuff out.

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