Sugar? Corn Syrup? What the hell… boil!!

We’ll present our third ‘Experience’ today.
8 PM @ Machine Project.

Experience The Experience Of A Brick Of Coke


Sugar has always been expensive enough that in a variety of cultures and eras it has even been used as a medium of exchange.
Refined white sugar was the symbol of European conquest and of century-long repression and colonial dependency.
Sugar still dominates the Western meal plan as the main energy provider. The “former” tropical colonies are still ruled by the multinational concerns of the sugar industry. Coca Cola is the largest seller on the world market.

monochrom is currently putting several gallons of Coca Cola into a pot and boiling it down until the residue left behind can be molded into a brick. A symbolic endeavor!

Results? Tuesday evening.


7 thoughts on “Sugar? Corn Syrup? What the hell… boil!!”

  1. quick 101 on the Coke/sugar thing here in LA…

    US Coca-Cola uses high-fructose corn syrup. Because of farm subsidies, HFC is cheaper to use than cane sugar in the states.

    Mexican Coke, on the other hand, uses cane sugar and is vastly superior to the American variety. Many LA stores sell mexican Coke, and can be identified by the glass 500ml bottles and spanish text on the side.

  2. we are aware that coca cola is using high fructose corn syrup in its us products. still, the coca cola company is the biggest sugar processing entity on the surface of the planet.

  3. without a doubt. i was just informing you if you were wanting for some good cane-sugar coke, as opposed to the hfc crap they shill here in the states.

  4. And as I’m sure many of you “in-the-know” Angelenos are already aware, every April or so you can find Coke with SUGAR sold in American stores. This is due to the Jewish Passover holiday, when many Jews won’t consume corn-based products. You can tell the sugared variety by their yellow bottle caps. I buy them because of the holiday, but I’m always seeing people who love the “old” style coke buying such bottles in bulk to horde, even if they have no idea about the “Jewish connection” on such things!

  5. The Beverages & More Store next to the Target at Santa Monica and La Brea sells 16-oz bottles of Hecho en MexiCoca-Cola.

  6. On the westside, one place that has mexican coke is the 7-11 on Wilshire at Barrington in Brentwood.

    Also, many many convenience stores in K-Town.

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