LA media memories

It’s strange but not out of the ordinary that it is the first time since I was 12 that I’m in LA… but I feel quite at home.
Why? Memories. Fake memories. I’m constantly experiencing media deja-vus and movie flashbacks.

Two brief examples:
Sean took us up the Hollywood hills in his car and showed us the breathtaking view over the city.

The serpentine road steadily reminded me of scenes from Knight Rider. The dry grass, the acclivity, the color of the road and the sky.

Media memory recall photoshop attempt #1


And the view from the lookout point surprisingly evoked a spooky T2esque doomsday picture.

Media memory recall photoshop attempt #2


No offense…
I think it’s just the way pop culture and recollection works.

4 thoughts on “LA media memories”

  1. Your photo-shopping gives me an idea. I think Americans are so self obssessed, generation Y and Z don’t seem to get the jist of the War in Iraq. If someone photo-shopped a bunch of bomb explosions cropped from actual Iraq photographs and imposed them taking place in various US cities, that would help some to get a clue.

  2. Mondo,

    At first I thought your comment was just stupid, but after thinking about it I found it quite offensive. It is Generations Y and Z who are dying in Iraq, it is Generations Y and Z whos friends are dying. Any time someone like you implies that me or my friends or even my entire generation are ignorant of the War in Iraq or of war in general, I find it quite offensive. Most people who make such assumptions are middle aged and haven’t had a friend in the military in thirty years, while I have friends in Iraq and Jordan and Kuwait right now. So please spare us all your ‘lets try and teach the children something’ ideas and maybe, just maybe, start listening to those who are dying and loosing friends in Iraq.

  3. I disagree with Grant and understand what Mondo is saying. I know people in Iraq. Most of the people that I know who are in Iraq went there because they could not afford to go to college and the military offered a career and an education. Why does serving in the military make them any more special? Why should I listen to them? Being shot at makes somebody into a philosopher? Spending time in Iraq makes them more American or more important than me? I don’t understand that part of the argument. Some of the people I know in Iraq are there becuase they really velieve in the mission and in protecting America. Kudos to them. However, the vast majority of the people between 16 and 25 don’t know shit about Fallujah and can probably tell you more about American Idol or the New England Patriots than about Abu-Musab al-Zarqawi. We are a nation of 280 million +, here you will find every kind of person, from a super patriot and super anti-american. We have it all. We are a world onto ourselves. Its difficult to grasp the inmensity of Ameirca (size, views, cultures) for somebody used to small nations states. America is like a European Union made up of 50 nations. If you look for examples to re-assure your views on us, whatever they be, you will find them. Whatever your agenda happens to be, most Americans just don’t care about it. Photo-collages are not going to make us care about the Iraq war.

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