Driving laws do not apply to Woody Harrelson

Earlier I was trying to demonstrate some mobile blogging via my phone in regards to something that had just happened but I hit the wrong button and ended up posting this on my own site my mistake. Here’s what I was trying to post this afternoon:

I’m drivin the Austrians around today and was just headed west on 3rd street when this black Benz that was trying to cut across the street just pulled out in front of us and we had to slam on the breaks to avoid hitting the car. I gave the univeral ‘WTF?’ look to the driver who turned out to be Woody Harrelson. There was three other dudes in the car with him to and no one seemed surprised that he was pulling out into moving traffic so maybe this isn’t unusual for him. So yeah, I guess the rules don’t apply to him. (posted from my treo650)

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