Missed connections


Back in the 1800’s, my people washed a lot of clothes. Lot of other people’s clothes too so given our history, you’d think that here in Chinatown, there’d be a couple of laundry services. Hell, every town, ethnic enclave or not, has at least one. But apparently not here in my neighborhood which I can only surmise that A. we all do our own laundry so why would we pay someone else to do it or B. The majority of my neighbors work in the restaurant or sewing business so maybe the need for dry press is pretty minimal…

Does anybody know a M. Zialcita . Having gone picked up a pair of pants this morning at the dry cleaners (they’re freaking expensive and I don’t recommend them but they do a good job of hemming) in Silverlake, next to Gelson’s (on Hyperion), I came across a shiny silver object next to my car. It was a visa credit card. You may have just left in a black volkswagon but I wasn’t sure since that person had longer hair. This was around 10:30 Sunday morning. Leave a comment here or email me at [email protected] and we’ll make arrangements.

Hell, who needs craig’s list when there’s blogger la…except they don’t have a laundry service either.

2 thoughts on “Missed connections”

  1. Why not just call the bank? The number should be printed right on the card. (just a thought)

  2. You can also just mail it to a local BOfA branch or drop it off. Chances are that the customer already called it in and the card is actually just trash now.

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