Wikitorials are Live

I was all set to get up early for the launch of the LA Times Wikitorials and obsessively hit reload on the history page to see the changes rack up, but this morning decided that sleeping in was a better idea. Luckily the fine folks at LA Observed and FishBowl LA were all over it. So anyway, the first wikitorial “Dreams About War and Retribution” is live now and you can check the whole thing out here. For more in depth coverage, I turned to LA Voice who has been posting a play by play of the edits, including one crucial moment this morning at 8:56 a.m when some asshat erased the whole damn thing and put his own “everything is fine, stop asking questions” editorial up in it’s place. Good times. It’s also interesting that Jimbo from wikipedia already seems to be the most active editor, lending cred to the opinion that people who love wiki’s love them, and people who don’t know what they are don’t care, and never the twain shall meet.