No, sorry, it seems that I missed the earthquake. I was outside eating a burrito supreme and didn’t notice anything. Think I have to wait for the big one.
But what really alerts me…
How may shops are there at Glendale Galleria? 300? And not a single bookshop. Turmoil!

4 thoughts on “Alert”

  1. Something tells me that if you were eating a Burrito Supreme, you should be having a gastrointestinal earthquake pretty soon.

  2. There’s still a Galleria in Glendale?!? How cute!

    One of the better aspects of Burbank is that for some reason there are a bunch of bookstores in town. From the general mainstream fare at the B&N near the Burbank Mall (and across from what I think was the first IKEA in America), to the specialized Auto (AUTOBOOKS), Mystic (PSYCHIC EYE), Map (GEOGRAPHIA), or Game (THE LAST GRENADIER) book stores throughout the city.

    I find Glendale is good for food, banking, and driving through. But notsomuch for books.

  3. You’re so right Johanes. It’s utterly irritating there’s no bookstore there. Oh well, just go across the street (through Mervyn’s) and there’s a great big Borders bookstore.

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