What’s Shakin’?

Preliminary magnitude of 5.3, located 3 miles NE of Yucaipa, which is about 70 miles E of downtown.

This was quick and sharp, but it felt pretty violent, especially compared to the quake the other morning, which was more of a gentle, swaying motion.

But the weirdest thing was how my dog, Ferris, who has been sleeping under my desk all day, jumped up and started barking like crazy about two minutes before the shaking started. Could be coincidence, but interesting anyway.

Huh. She just started whining and looking around. Maybe we’re in for an aftershock.

Hey! Maybe I can get Paul Moyers to come do an in-depth feature story on my magical earthquake-predicting dog!

5 thoughts on “What’s Shakin’?”

  1. When I first started reading up on earthquakes (3rd grade I think), I read that animals can sense when an earthquake is coming. They behave differently or something.

  2. My dog is acting as normal (if you can describe a dog who’s behavior includes ringing doorbells and chasing invisible bugs as normal) as ever.

  3. yeah, I thought that I’d read also that animals are more intuitive than humans are and can sense earthquakes much better.

  4. Earthquake prediction, or did someone just mention my name? That seems to get her going, too. Could one then extrapolate that the mere mention of my name carries the power of a verbal earthquake? Awesome!

  5. While dogs are smart (mine is absolutely BRILLIANT, naturally), its more likely that, rather than being psychic, they’re just more sensitive to movement and can feel the P wave coming before we do. Also, if you think about it, your pets probably spend a larger percentage of their days laying about, still, so they’re sort of prime for feeling tremors while we’re up and about.

    Sort of the equivalent of having your ear to the train-tracks.

    Still as good a warning system as you’re bound to get, though.

    Milkbones for all!

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