Wacko Jacko Fans…

You know, it’s really too bad that Santa Maria isn’t closer to L.A., because the most fascinating aspect about the Michael Jackson court case were his fans who appeared outside the courthouse everyday to show their support.

Reportedly, some fans gave up their apartments and jobs to be out there on a regular basis!

This morning, Howard Stern said that “They’re more frightening than Trekkies.” Hell, they’re more frightening than those Star Wars nerds!

I’d imagine that Jessica Stover would’ve had a field day with these fans! Lord knows Triumph the Insult Comic Dog did (link via Best Week Ever)!

5 thoughts on “Wacko Jacko Fans…”

  1. Indeed, Koga.

    I would have hung out with that Dove Lady.

    You know, the one who let off a dove for each “not guilty.”

    In fact, I would have devoted an entire JSDC production gallery to her.

    Just because she’s got it like that.

  2. Who would search and find fascination in Jackson’s court case?

    Jackson has brought the world alot of happiness. I know I have fond memories of his amazing dancing and cool songs. Why be so cynical and try to get a perverse fascination over such tragedy?

    Maybe finding fascination in tragedy is a passive way to grow over some issues.. but what about some mental discipline of the old adage “if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all”?

  3. ok, i finally remembered to watch the video. I don’t usually think Triumph is all that funny, but this made me laugh out loud a lot.

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