The Return Of The Mystery Photo Contest

Practically a year to the day I tossed up the last of my original Mystery Photo entries. Now it’s baaaaaaack √≥ and B.laMPC v2.0 is kickstarting out again with a bit of a digitwist. Instead of calling all to eyedee an actual snap of somewhere around town taken by yours very truly, I fired up my PS2 and carjacked various rides in the games “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” and “True Crime: Streets of LA” so that I could cruise around to capture some various landmarks around the video game versions of this town.

WTF’s up with the gamer angle? Well, because it’s a tie-in, jeez! See the winner of this week’s and next week’s contests gets two tickets to experience Video Games Live at the Hollywood Bowl, July 6. What is Video Games Live? Where have you been!? VGL is the first major U.S. video game music concert tour. Think of it as a concert, theatrical stage show, and interactive video game all wrapped into one eye-popping extravaganza featuring performances of the music, video and specially designed laser and light sequences showcasing‚Ćover 50 different games in a wide variety of styles.

Clue: Who cares about advancing the plot in “True Crime: Streets of LA” when you can just drive around destroying everything. So after wreaking a good deal of havoc and creating all-out civil unrest running over and/or gunning down anything that moved, I wound up here for a respite in the city that Tom Petty’s been known to sing about. Click the image for a larger version.

Rules: Post a comment (deadline is Friday morning at 9a.m.) correctly identifying the real-world location and subject matter of the above crappy screenshot and you’ll be entered into the pool from which one winner will be randomly chosen and announced Friday June 17. Post only once. Multiple comments will be deleted and the entrant DQ’d. The winner will receive two tickets to Video Games Live July 6 at the Hollywood Bowl along with an exclusive VGL poster. A runner-up will be selected to receive a VGL poster as well. Winners and runners-up will be contacted via the email address they provide with their entry for a mailing. Next Contest June 21 with winners announced June 24.

8 thoughts on “The Return Of The Mystery Photo Contest”

  1. I’m just going to guess as I’ve never played True Crimes. Is the photo of the Century Plaza Towers in Century City?

  2. Before I even read the above comment, I was gonna say the east side of Century Plaza Towers, on Avenue of the Stars, near the southern-most tower. How many tickets you guys got?

  3. Keep them coming! Remember the winner isn’t the first one to get it correct. The winner’s pulled at random from all the correct entries.

  4. Wait a sec! You mean if someone guesses it and I see that they got it right, I can just guess the same thing and I have the same chance to win as them?

    (oh, I’m sure there’s some sort of contributors are not eligible to win either)

  5. Well, Cybele. In a few words: yes, mooching another entrant’s answer does put the moocher on an equal footing with the moochee. And in a few others words: I find a bit more anticipation and participation can be built with such a format rather than just having the first one to answer it correctly getting the prize. Sorry if that meets with your consternation.

    And finally, yes there is the somewhat unspoken fine print that anyone affiliated with, Metroblogging or Video Games Live is ineligible.

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