Mmm… mouse.

mickey061405.jpgTonight I went to see Howl’s Moving Castle at the El Capitan. I had forgotten to eat dinner beforehand, so I ended up spending $10 at the snack bar for a pretzel and some candy. When I took the pretzel out of the bag, I discovered it was shaped like Mickey Mouse’s head. Aren’t those eye lumps freaky? (I know it’s a bad picture, but I only had like two seconds before the movie was going to start, and I was too hungry to check my camera settings.)

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  1. I know it’s Disney owned, but I think the pretzel is taking it a little too far. I mean, look at that thing!

  2. I used to work for Disney’s Research division and I can tell you right now that the pretzels are one of the more normal foodstuffs that came out of those programs. Some still give me nightmares.

  3. freaky pretzel aside, how was the movie? i’ve been wanting to see it since i’m a total sucker for miyazaki

  4. Jeremy, I bet you’ll love the movie. There was a point where it started feeling a little long, but I still didn’t want it to end, because I was having so much fun watching it. I think I want to see it again in the theater, and I don’t usually do that with movies.

  5. the movie is breathtaking but not as good as spirited away. but you should read the book as well :) even better!

  6. and definitely try to watch the original japanese version with subtitles, which i think play on thurs and sunday nights only.

  7. >and definitely try to watch the original japanese version with >subtitles, which i think play on thurs and sunday nights only.

    Hey m, what makes the subtitled version a better experience? It’s the same cut, yes? Personally, I prefer dubbed films. I’d love to know if there’s a reason to go for the subtitles other than personal preference.

  8. because you’re seeing the film as it was originally intended by the filmmaker, as opposed to an americanized script by american actors with distinct american voices and accents. it’s the same cut, yes, but sometimes it’s a better experience to hear the voices that miyazaki directly worked with. i also think the animation flows better with the original language.

    the subtitles, too, can be different than the dubbed script. sometimes you get a direct translation of what they’re saying instead of whatever english sentence fits best with how long their mouth is moving.

  9. I totally agree with M. I watch all foreign films with subtitles. Sure, there’s a greater level of involvement required by all that reading, but for me foreign films are much more authentic and nuanced in their original language.

  10. dubbing versus subtitles is a big problem for all foreign films, especially anime. it seems as though the producers either can’t afford or don’t care enough to get talented people to voice act, so it often sounds like they get the studio technicians / interns to voice act the lead roles. typically they sound so awful you can literally hear them reading the lines off of the script (line breaks and all).

    i agree that the subtitled versions are often “better”, but only in the sense that they are much closer to the original artist’s intent. ask the average movie goer which they like better, and i’d bet that most would prefer the dubbed version. most americans hate reading enough as it is, but to have them pay $10 to read a script…

    this is a big shame, because there are some really amazing works of anime (and other international films) out there like evangelion, ghost in the shell, ninja scroll, etc. that will never break into the mainstream because either a) the voice acting sucks too much to be taken seriously or b) the subtitles scare people away.

  11. Can you imagine watching dubbed versions of “Hero” or “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” and getting the same thing out of it?

    I dare say that dubbing films would liken the films to cheesey Hong Kong action flicks.

    Subtitles are the way to go for me, definitely.

  12. English-language voice actors trying to speak with the exaggerated expressiveness that is normal in Japanese just plain doesn’t work. (Anyone remember Billy Crudup screaming, “Forest God, I have your head!” or whatever that line was, in Princess Mononoke? It sounds horrible in English, but seems perfectly normal in Japanese.)

    I thought Scully from The X-Files (I can’t believe I can’t remember her RL name right now) did a good job though. But PM was the only anime I’ve seen dubbed, other than anime shown on TV. Subtitles all the way.

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