abLA Roundup (June 6-10)


Admittedly, the last week for me has been quite involved with installing our new exhibition at the gallery so I’m a little late with my abLA Round-up. No worries though, all the exciting posts from last week are here…

ïThere has been some discussion about having LA public museums be free in order to get the general public more involved with the arts. Flawed plan maybe but, as I discovered, LA does indeed offer free admission to a lot of art and garden museums to those in need. So take that!

ïHot techie Xeni Jardin reports on the Hermes gallery Looking at Los Angeles opening featuring my boyfriend favorite artist Ed Ruscha. Xeni, no stranger to mispronunciation, teaches us that it’s “air-MEHZZ” – just so you don’t look silly.

ïArtforum officially launches Art Guide. In breaking news, they actually include LA galleries in depth. Digs aside, it’s actually great software and a good service.

ïSing it with me now…it’s MFA time in the city.

ïSouthern California is in need of our own biennial to assist in contextualizing and promoting our vibrant artists, galleries, and scene. People are proposing ideas and I add my two cents about getting the Orange County Museum to step up their California Biennial.

ïForward Retreat on David Pagel’s LA Times review of the Getty’s artist books show. I use this as an excuse to talk about my favorite Ruscha artist book, “Crackers.” (see image)

ïMeta-photography, curated by LA’s Peter Frank, opened at the Riverside Art Museum.

ïMore sexy for you.

ïAs reported on blogging.la, even though they put art on trashcans, they are still TRASHCANS! Who would have thought?

ïI thought I had escaped those hideous “Cows on Parade” things when I left Chicago but one has apparently followed me here!!!

ïHere’s a list of what I learned last week while installing the RUBIKCUBISM show. I think I’d also like to add that pulling something that big together that fast with the help of good friends makes it a very satisfying experience.

ïI don’t know why Artforum has to have someone from New York write about Los Angeles. They treat it like it’s a foreign country or something. But can you believe it, we have an art scene! Yay!

ïLink to one of the most fascinating reads in the LA Times this year. The Times exposes the Getty’s Barry Munitz’ incredible (and I do mean incredible) spending habits.

ïLike I said, I didn’t report on last Saturday’s art opening but here’s what people were talking about.