Successful Invasion


Last night was the opening of Rubikcubism at Sixspace. I knew it was going to be cool, but it actually exceeded my high expectations. To give you an idea about how much I know about art, this was the first art opening I’ve ever attended (not counting my catering days). So there. I’m an art moron.

First of all, the space is really nice. I learned after I arrived that Sean and Caryn are moving Sixspace to Culver City (which I’m sure will be equally cool), but the current space is a beautiful little gallery in an unlikely downtown spot. It’s bright and clean and minimalist and tasteful. The exhibition was awesome. I blogged about this event at my own weblog a couple of weeks ago and there was some debate in the comments section about whether or not this stuff qualifies as art. After seeing it, there is no question that it does. I leafed through one of the books about Invader’s work, which detailed the Invasion of LA. Did you know that there are over one hundred of the tiled mosaics hanging all over our city? Part of the exhibition includes one-of-a-kind clones. To me, those are the most intriguing pieces.

Of course, the Rubik’s Cube art is amazing too. Each cube is manipulated by hand, which is impressive enough (I used to solve mine by snapping out all of the squares and re-assembling it), but then they are combined to create some amazing mosaics. I posted a bunch of pictures here. All of it is pretty inspiring work.

Adding to the excitement (and further proof that I am a total nerd), was the fact that I got to meet some celebrity bloggers like Sean, Xeni (which I learned is pronounced more like “Jenny” than my incorrect internal pronuciation of “Zeeni” every time I ever saw it written. Apparently the “X” is pronounced like the “G” in the word “regime”), Koga, 5000!, Lisa, and a bunch of others. Thankfully, Jessica Stover (of Star Wars Nerds fame), was there too. Considering the fact that she was the only person there that I’ve ever talked to in real life, I was very happy to see her show up.

Anyway, enough about us blognerds. Go check out Rubikcubism before it’s gone. It’s really worth the drive downtown. It’s also worth at least 10 points.

3 thoughts on “Successful Invasion”

  1. damn you shane! I leave halfway through my entry to pick up some groceries and find you’ve already blogged the show. But yours is much better…=)

  2. Burns – yeah, Invader has spent the last 6 years putting up Mosaics around the world, he’s now making one-of-a-kind exact replicas of the pieces on the street. So, for example, you could “adopt” the piece on some building in Tokyo.

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