Holy Rollin’

Oh. My. GAWD! Spotted and snapped this van on Sunset Boulevard near Micheltorena in Silver Lake. If I hadn’t started laughing I think I woulda thrown up รณ but no, his high holy rollerness Kirk Cameron was not behind the wheel. And aren’t such obstructions some form of illegal if not in the eyes of god than at least in the eyes of the law?
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4 thoughts on “Holy Rollin’”

  1. It’s a proven fact that God does count the amount of stickers, tattoo’s, lapel pins and other paraphernalia that you surround yourself with. Then, using a complex mathematical formula he determines the time you will spend in purgatory based on your “Jesus stuff” quotient.

    The ole myth about good deads and living by the bible’s rules is a myth creating by boring ass do-gooders to fool us deviants.

    Hey, a van on Sunset Blvd. can’t be wrong!

  2. Wow! I was a pagan, but after reading that van, I’ve decided to go to my local church and get me some religion!

    (Just kidding. I’m already in Seminary. Sucka!)

    Saw the “War is the Answer” van yesterday parked on the side of the road as I drove through Malibu. It really is a bit scary.

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