This Land IS Your Land – Continued….

Wow. The gall of some people stuns me. In an effort to stymie the law which allows ALL PEOPLE access to the California coastline, the Broad Beach Homeowners Association hired earthmovers on June 1st to push wet sand from the beach up onto the higher, flat…and of course, most desirable part of the beach to throw down the old beach blanket. This created 8-foot high walls of un-walkable sand. Not to mention destroyed habitat that supports grunion spawning and who knows what else!

In an article in this mornings LA Times, the homeowners spokesperson said it was to re-create ‘dunes’ lost in this winters storms. But funny how this effectively cuts down access to the beach unless you happen to live above this area. This same homeowners group has already been ordered to remove the no trespassing signs and get rid of the beach patrols they have instituted. But I guess they aren’t satisfied with sharing and want to literally keep their heads buried in the sand to the fact that the coastline is for the public. That means everyone, not just the precious few who bought property facing the beach.

These people should be fined heavily. The only thing self-serving, arrogant wealthy idiots like that respond to is losing their precious dollars. The California Coastal Commission has ordered them to stop moving the sand and remove the equipment….but still. The damage to the beach, the ecosystem and the access is done. I’m writing the California Coastal Commission to support their efforts to keep these beaches open, and I urge you to do the same. This is a travesty.

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  1. Indeed! Their tactics can be even more subtle. One property owner let his Irish wolfhounds romp on folks dozing in the sun; scratched them up, knocked over their picnic baskets, etc.

    He got quit a kick out of it.


  2. Oh my God. I thought this was finally over.

    The odd thing is, I really wanted to donate money to Access For All, the non-profit group supporting the walkways, and no amount of Googling Access For All or it’s Executive Director, Steve Hoye turns up any contact information. I searched non-profit clearinghouse databases and even sent a few polite e-mails to selected co-defendants in the lawsuit and nada! Weird. I spent 10 years in the non=profit sector and have never seen anything quite like it….

    And for those that wanted directions, this will practically drive you there :)

  3. The really great thing about this is….the more outrageously the homeowners snub their noses at the law…the more bad press they get…..which means the more people know about and will frequent their ‘private’ beach!!!!! I say forget Zuma and converge on Broad! That will teach them!

  4. We posted a comment about this from a leader of the homeowner’s association that hired the bulldozers:

    “The berm that was placed there was not anticipated, not requested, and came as a complete shock to the association”

    (the link to the source of the quote, the Malibu Times, is in our post at — search for “Broad Beach” — sorry, I couldn’t place a link in this comment).

    I think they teach you “deny, deny, deny” in law school (Grossman is an attorney).

    For what it’s worth, we also looked at some of the homeowners’ environmental group affiliations … they’re not exactly practicing what they preach, are they?

    And, to the earlier comment, we have a link in our initial story to the Coastal Commission’s pdf showing exactly where the public has access on Broad Beach, on a house-by-house basis.

  5. Those who bought the property are not obligated to share with anyone. They paid for the beach property. It is theres to do whatever they want. Vahe

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