Suspect pulls a hamster, chews way out of holding cell


OK, maybe he didn’t “chew” exactly, but this story isn’t 100% clear about it so I’m going to just assume it was escape by chewing because that is way cooler.

“LOS ANGELES (AP) A robbery suspect escaped from a holding cell Thursday by boring a hole through the wall and slithering out, then slipping through an emergency exit, authorities said…

The man apparently bored the 9- by 15-inch hole in the drywall and escaped around 3 a.m., Islas said.”

In case you want to be on the lookout for this wall chewer, you should have no problem with the very specific details the police have released about him:

“5-foot-6, 160-pound Hispanic man with a shaved head… may go by the nickname ‘Junior,'”

4 thoughts on “Suspect pulls a hamster, chews way out of holding cell”

  1. I know I know wrong place to ask but I was just wondering, What is the best cell-phone carrier in LA?

  2. I think I saw Junior at the 7-11. No wait, he was outside the Rite-Aid on Pine Ave. in Long Beach. No wait, he was valeting cars at Kate Mantilini’s in Beverly Hills. No wait, he was suspiciously walking around the parking structure at the Beverly Center. No wait, he was at Dodger Stadium, with all of his twin brothers (about 27,000 to be exact). No wait… ah screw it. Junior gets around.

    Oh, and Cingular rules.

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