Robot Love

kraftwerk-bla.jpgLast night was Kraftwerk‘s only west coast stop on the current world tour which has only five US cities on it. The tour coincides with their release today of their new album, Minimum-Maximum, featuring songs from their recent tours.

First, I’ve not been to a lot of concerts in my life, but fully 2/3s of them have been for electronica and I’ll tell you I dig this stuff. I’m only 1/50 of the way done with this list of bands to see live.

The group did not disappoint with their live renditions of favorites like Autobahn, Pocket Calculator, Radioactivity, Tour de France, Trans Europe Express, and they ended with Musik Non Stop. Most importantly was The Robots which featured, um, robots.

If you asked me last year about this time I’d tell you I was a little dubious about seeing electronica in person. I thought, either they just hit buttons or they jazz it up with some dancers or something. Last summer’s concert at the bowl with KCRW’s World Electronica featured incredibly spirited performances. Kraftwerk is totally different but equally compelling. It’s like a performance installation with the perfectly integrated video screens and lights. The crappy phone cam photos to the left don’t do the show justice (there are better shots on the Kraftwerk site).

This was also my first visit to The Greek, and I have to say that I liked the venue quite a bit. A civilized way to see a performance (I like the Bowl, too). But I do have to say, wear socks or insect repellent because I’ve got some mosquito bites on my ankles now.

More about Kraftwerk at Wikipedia. Anybody up for Planet Electronica at the Bowl on July 17th? All robots welcome.

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  1. Hi Cybele,

    I was at the show and loved it, and plan to review it for Do you have larger photos that I might use for the review? Thanks!

  2. It’s a little over a month’s notice, but you might want to check out the free(!) World Music Electronica show with TransGlobal Underground (TGU), Issa Bagayogo, and MIDIval PunditZ at the California Plaza’s Watercourt Stage in downtown Los Angeles on July 30th. The show starts at 8pm and it is a great concert venue. Did I mention that it’s a free concert?

    TGU is a multi-ethnic group that performs live instrumentation and electronics. Issa Bagayogo fuses traditional Malian music and electronica, MIDIval PunditZ mixes up classical Indian vocals, electronica and drum íní bass.

    The Watercourt Plaza has amphitheatre seating, sits between two high-rise towers, is partially surrounded by gardens and water, and you can always zone out and watch the night time sky if you don’t dig the music. Parking can be expensive, but you can park for free on Hill or 4th Street and take the escalator up (great views of downtown). Even if you’re brokety-broke-broke, the free concert and parking means you can save your cash for great cheap Mexican food at Ye Olde Taco House at the bottom of the hill, right across from Angel’s Flight.

  3. Holy Moly! Celia that’s an awesome lineup! I had no idea that calplaza’s watercourt concerts were so eclectic. Ozomatli and Ladysmith Blank Mambazo, too!

    Do you work with them? It’d be cool is someone cross posted that on

    I’ll put that on my list and post a reminder here earlier that week. Thanks!

  4. Agh, I wish I’d had my head outta the sand long enough to have known Kraftwerk was in town. In 1981 “Computer World” was the first cassette tape I ever bought (at the Tower Records on Sunset). Loved them ever since.

  5. Damn! I barely heard about them from the MTV Coldplay Live Leak as one of their inspirations and was totally interested.

    And TODAY I find they were in L.A. (here) the other night. Damnit.

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