Tasty anachronism

Owing mostly to dietary necessity, I’m a big meat eater. Owing mostly to my advanced years, I’m partial to partaking of it in eateries with that old school vibe (Musso & Frank, Dan Tana’s, etc.). I’d passed the oh-so-alluring, faux-Tudor facade of the Buggy Whip on La Tijera many a time on airport runs, but the timing was never right for a drop-in en route (and let’s face itóI’d rather eat glass than drive anywhere near LAX unless absolutely necessary).

But I was playing airport shuttle on Friday night and, since our pickup was delayed and the bar at Kathleen’s fave waiting place was closed for the evening, my co-pilot & I decided to double back and give the Buggy Whip a whirl.

O blessed wayback machine! From the gigantic leatherette menus to the rooms full of tufted banquettes (red in the main dining room, green in the lounge) to the piano player coaxing semi-standards from the baby grand, the Buggy Whip is a slice of mid-century heaven. Co-pilot & I just got cocktails (and might I add, everyone at that bar was drinking his/her liquor straight) but the food looked (and smelled) pretty great. Plus, the joint won Los Angeles magazine’s “Best of L.A.” in 2003 for steak dinner, so you figure it’s got to be a reasonably good bet.

It ain’t cheap (Florida stone crabómy faveówill run you $40) but for a special occasion, I’d definitely consider the haul out to Westchester.

And even if you’re not feeling flush, just stopping for a drink and a tune or two (piano player on duty Wed – Sun evenings) makes that airport run a lot more palatable.

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  1. if old fasioned steak restaurants are what you are looking for, the Sherman Room on Sherman Way just a little west of Balboa Blvd in Van Nuys will satisfy

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