River Walk

I’ve been attracted to the Heron Gates that mark the Rattlesnake Park walk next to the LA River just off Fletcher drive since they put them up a few years back, but have never been there. Today, The Man and I went for a walk.

It was mostly overcast but there was a nice breeze. We parked just off Fruitridge (off of Fletcher, right near the 5/2). The large gates are probably always locked, but a little gate heralding the park (though there’s very little “parkness” about it besides the benches near the gates) by its name.

The first part of it is not that interesting, and the walk under the 2 is rather unpleasant as there are remants of squatters everywhere over the fence. After that, the walk is broad and inviting. The long-range vista is off toward the train yards and FedEx complex. But up close, down in the concrete trough is the wide river which is just blooming with life.

The paved walk seems to be a favorite among bikers, and some neighborly folks have taken to marking the trail hazards for the benefit of others.

The trail itself was clean (we were scoping it to see if it was a good dog walk, I was concerned there might be broken glass), and it was actually much cleaner than some walks I’ve taken in Griffith Park.

The wildlife in the river consisted of mallard ducks (including two families with broods), crows and lots and lots of swallows skimming the surface. There must have been other birds around too because there seemed a non-stop chorus of birdsongs.

Though it’s called Rattlesnake Park, I did not see any signs of snakes at all, but I did find a large colony (warren) of ground squirrels that they might have fancied.

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This is definitely a walk I’ll do again, it’s a great one if you’re walking for fitness and want a nice level, wide path while they’re still redoing the Silverlake Reservoir. It’s close to me and parking doesn’t seem a hassle. I’m also going to check out going in the other direction towards Griffith Park (though I know further on there are more horses).

Here’s an approximate image of where we went (courtesy of TerraServer).

5 thoughts on “River Walk”

  1. Those squatters that live under the 2 freeway bridge are pretty brave. I always see them walking up top on the freeway, crossing from one end to another!

  2. The gates in your pictures were designed and built by local sculptor Brent Goldstone. They are matched by another, more ambitious, set across the river and Fletcher.

    Tim Quinn

  3. Thanks for the credit info on the gates. They are really wonderful and I’ve admired them since they were installed.

    (I was kind of sad to not spot a live heron on the walk, and I do see them often down there from the freeway.)

    I’ll add his name to my flickr tags for the photos, too!

  4. Just to comment on those “neighborly folks”, . Those chalkings on the floor were put there byt the good sponsors and voulanteers ot the Los Angeles River Ride that took place in March. I would advise Bike riders to ride thier mountain bikes on that path and not road bikes. The day of the ride I witness too many flats and bent rims.


  5. Sorry for the incorrect date of the LA River RIde. It was actually in the end of May

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