7 thoughts on “Arclight weird-page”

  1. I was getting the same messed up thing a couple weeks ago when I visited the site to order up tix for Episode III.

  2. Maybe there getting with tho program and updating their site to work with Firefox. I always have to switch to IE to purchase tickets or my order doesn’t go through.

  3. Their site is never optimal. Not to mention having to wait 15 minutes in line for a bucket of stale popcorn last time I was there. Hearing Paul Haggis speak after “Crash” made it all worth it.

  4. Greatest theatre ever… but their computer system is routinely FUBAR, from the website to the kiosks.
    After buying tickets tonight through they’re screwed up site (the trick, by the way, is to scroll down and click on “upcoming releases” or any other general page, and navigate from there – and this does happen routinely), I ventured to the Arclight to pick up the tickets, but the kiosks, again, weren’t working. I waited in line to buy tickets, and was left with no time for concessions.

  5. I just wish you could specify a seat preference when ordering online, instead of just a section preference. My idea of the “best available seat” and the computer’s idea are two entirely different things.

  6. I would strongly suggest printing your tickets at home, it saves lots of time.

  7. Ugh, our website, she is crap.

    The folks at the bottom all the way to the tippy-top (i.e. Chris Forman) are well aware of the shitty website. There are plans to fix it, of course, but because they cost so much money and interact with so many of our systems it will be a while. It’s not just a new website we need, we also need a new ticketing and membership system. We could fix the website now, but it wouldn’t be worth it as we’d have to pay more when we upgrade. Someday, probably next year, you’ll see something new and shiny.

    But here are some tips:

    1) Avoid visiting the website with the AOL, NetZero, and Safari browsers. They don’t work with our website. Use IE or Netscape. Don’t give me any bullshit that Firefox of Mozilla or whatever is based off of Netscape, that doesn’t change the fact that our website only works with those two.

    2) Our website crashes a lot. Hopefully, since we’re upgrading our servers, it will happen less often. If it’s taking you forever to connect or complete a purchase, just use the automated phone line at 323-464-4226. Yes, it’s an annoying system, but it almost always works.

    3) Don’t bother asking our phone operator to sell you tickets. They won’t.

    4) Avoid the kiosks when picking up tickets. Just go to the box office or guest services. And get there early. Seriously. Reserved seating or not, get there reasonably early. Is that too much to ask?

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