Bob’s Big Boy

Last night, after dinner at Don Cuco’s in Burbank (yummy Mexican food, but a really long wait for a table), my friend suggested we walk over to check out the old-timey cars at Bob’s Big Boy. Every Friday night, there’s a classic car show in the parking lot.

I’ve eaten at Bob’s once or twice, and liked the neon signs more than the food, but it seems I overlooked the place’s historical significance:

This Bob’s restaurant was built in 1949 by local residents Scott MacDonald and Ward Albert, and is the oldest remaining BOB’S BIG BOY in America. It was designed by respected architect Wayne McAllister, incorporating the 1940’s transitional design of streamline modern style while anticipating the freeform 50’s coffee shop architecture. The towering BOB’s sign is an integral part of the building design and its most prominent feature. The restaurant was honored in 1993, receiving the designation as a “STATE POINT OF HISTORICAL INTEREST” by the state of California.

I guess that’s cool, but if I’m going to hang out and eat bad fries while pretending to live in another era, I’d rather pick somewhere futuristic.

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  1. Artist and hot rod enthusiast Robert Williams is almost always at Bob’s on Friday nights. He’s been approchable and very cool the couple of times I’ve seen him there.

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