12,000 iPods stolen off truck on La Cienega

Anyone need an iPod on the cheep? I’m guessing there’s some dudes here in LA who might be able to hook you up with one. The LAPD is reporting that on Wednesday a suspect used “fraudulent means” to take delivery of 12,000 iPods from a freight company near the 11000 block of La Cienega. I’ll save you the math, that’s about $2.6 Million. Yeah, you are shaking your head but don’t even try to tell me that if you know almost $3 Million bucks worth of iPod was sitting unclaimed in some warehouse and you could walk away with them by just going in and saying you were “John Smith” that you wouldn’t consider it, just for a second. The police press release doesn’t say what actually happened but they do have a high quality surveillance photo of one of the people involved. The guy isn’t even wearing a disguise (unless you count that really bad hawaiian shirt which I hope isn’t part of his regular attire). Here’s a tip – when stealing millions, check for cameras first.

UPDATE: What are the chances losanjealous found the same LAPD press release, and came up with the same joke without reading this post? Credit has been credited. Thanks guys!

7 thoughts on “12,000 iPods stolen off truck on La Cienega”

  1. Let’s see if we can fence these without getting ourselves traced and nabbed…good luck. Would have rather found a thousand bucks cash sitting in the street than three million dollars worth of Ipods.

    Of course maybe the guy has connections in Russia who will give him 10 cents on the dollar? :P

  2. obviously an inside job. Bet the guy who works at the freight company who arranged this doesn’t show up on Monday.

    One thing bugs me, though. I work in the trucking business. Whenever a trucker shows up on the wrong day to pick up a load, especially something with such a high value, the clerk dealing with him is supposed to call the truck line and ask questions and get names. One must wonder how immaculate the guy’s forged paperwork was to quell any suspicions at the freight company.

    Bet the clerk who gave the guy the load is unemployed today.

  3. The cost for manufacturing and distributing these i-pod is more near 100.. not 200 dollars.. so the loss is about 1 million.. This is negligable for a company the size of Apple, specially if they can claim it as “loss or stolen” to the IRS. But they probably don’t need this since Apple probably has insurance on this kind of shipment.


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