Craft night!

notecard060105.jpgLately, I’ve been spending a bunch of my Wednesday nights at Akbar, but tonight it was Gauntlet II instead. What’s a nice girl like me doing at a leather bar? Gettin’ crafty. Every Wednesday, Julianna Parr (better known as J.P. or “the Craft Captain”) inspires total strangers to make the kind of art projects they haven’t tried since elementary school. Each week is different. In recent months, I’ve covered a light switch plate in a collage of images from old textbooks, glued together a wooden model plane and painted it, and made a driver’s license cozy out of plastic canvas and yarn.

This week’s craft was potato printing, for which I carved a potato tree and a potato creature. How often do you get a chance to make arty notecards while sitting next to a spider web made out of big metal chains? (Nobody was attached to it at the time.) At both Gauntlet II and Akbar, the crafting takes place in a side room, so we don’t get in the way of people who are at the bar for non-crafty reasons. But everyone who wanders in to check out the crafts is invited to participate, and it’s fun when the skeptical ones decide to give it a shot.

A schedule of upcoming craft projects and locations is on the Craft Night website, where you can also sign up for the weekly newsletter.